Our continued spirit of excellence, our thirst for knowledge, our vocation to excellence and our attention to the market and the demands of the present and future, have led us to the need to implement BIM in company procedures

Now we can manage our usual consulting work also through the very powerful BIM system information and control, and thus provide our customers IFC swap files, exceeding the capacity of documentation so far produced in the market. EDARTEC BIM also offers these services:

Predictive studies in the design phase. Execution of structural and energy analysis, sun studies, daylight simulation, and analysis of constructive solutions within the earliest stages of the design process.

Generation of virtual scenes in the design phase. Immediate access to 3D visualization of the building and its spaces makes it much easier to understand and communicate the work.

Documentary coordination in the project phase and execution phase. Architecture, structure, facilities, infrastructure and construction can be coordinated from the generation of an integrated building model capable of detecting spatial incompatibilities.

Graphical and technical documentation development of complex architectures. Edartec BIM is able to generate documentation project whose uniqueness lies in being the accurate reflection of a single integrated 3D model, which is the result of the translating from any previous conceptual design to constructive elements.

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