• Projects and specific studies on soils. Assistance, supervision and control works.
  • Projects and special reports on soils with special difficulty.
  • Studies of unstable hillsides and slopes.
  • Studies and reports on optimization solutions in foundations design.
  • Geotechnical reports and rehabilitation projects.
  • Geotechnical studies and reports on related pathologies problem (groundwater levels, settlements, expansiveness, etc.).
  • Reports on infiltration moisture and underground currents, and special studies of natural and/or forced drying.
  • Reports on suitability of geotechnical studies and its foundation recommendations.
  • Control reports, supervision and analysis of specific trials on instrumentation special conditions: inclinometry, pressure measuring, specific geophysics …


  • Editing and preparation of historical interest reports and archaeological on monuments and Assets of Cultural Interest, with minimum alteration of the monument and containing information on composition of historical masonry in foundation and on the soil layers that support it, focus on projects on conservation and value enhancement of heritage.
  • Special studies supporting geoarchaeological and sedimentary reports.


  • Previous reports for defining geotechnical campaigns.
  • Technical Assistance to control groundwater levels.
  • Reports on soil verification, after excavation of foundation.
  • Editing and development of geotechnical reports, in accordance with regulations.
  • Supervision and execution of geotechnical tests.
  • Reports on materials characterization for road dimensioning and civil works.

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